(Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi vide Code No.1631230)

Sr. No. Room Number Size
Length (in sq. Mtrs.) Breadth (in sq. Mtrs.)
1 Class Rooms 13 7.53 6.95
2 Composite Science Lab 01 8.38 8.38
2 Composite Science Lab 01 8.38 8.38
3 Physics Lab 01 8.38 8.38
4 Chemistry Lab 01 8.38 8.38
5 Biology Lab 01 8.38 8.38
6 Maths Lab 01 8.38 8.38
7 Computer Science Lab 01 8.38 8.38
8 Language Lab 01 8.38 8.38
9 Geography Lab 01 10.97 5.48
10 Music Lab 01 10.97 5.48
11 Activity Lab 01 10.97 5.48
12 Library 01 13.26 8.07
13 Staff Rooms 01 7.31 7.01
14 Wellness Room/Clinic 01 3.35 2.43
15 Other Rooms 12 7.31 7.01

Total Area (in sq. Mtrs.) 18200
Built up Area (in sq. Mtrs.) 4332
Area of Playground (in sq. Mtrs.) 2744
No. of Drinking water taps 12
No. of Toilets Separately for Boys 8
No. of Toilets Separately for Girls 8
No. of Toilets Separately for Disabled 2
No. of Toilets Separately for Staff 2

About school

The glorious journey of The Nobel school started since its inception in 2016.

It is a premier co-educational English medium school, administered by capable heads who share their expertise to ensure that the curriculum and the activities are to ensure that the curriculum and the activities are at par with global standards. We believe in all round holistic development. It provides comprehensive education keeping in view the country’s rich heritage and cultural background and opens opportunities for the development of different facets of the child’s personality. Our academic program is designed to make THE NOBEL SCHOOL a ‘Happy School’. It caters to differential learning and prepares every child with the right knowledge base and value system. The methodology is innovative, creative and child centered. It caters to the all-inclusive development of its students, which molds them into global citizens. We provide an integrated program of learning, skill and innovated program of learning, skill and innovation that will equip every child for new and future challenges. This will help develop their ability to make a difference into the world.

Education in the 21st century must be both broader and bolder. A modern school needs to do much more than ensuring good marks. Indeed ,’good’ education must produce a ‘good’ human being.


Our school campus of 6.7 acres, has a covered area of 45,000 sq.ft which is hot and cold air conditioned. It caters to students from PLAY School to grade VIII. We providly propose to be the first fully green school, a unique center of learning, where education goes beyond the text books. We offer space for the students… dare to dream. Each child is unique and treated with compassion and love.

CCTV,PA system, Firefighting equipment; Supervision of the campus is aided by the closed-circuit TVs and the public-address system, both adding to the quality of infrastructure.Firefighting readiness is also in place.